N2、O2 generator molecular sieve anti-pulverization method—Compression

Why need compression ?

For PSA nitrogen oxygen generators, effectively protect the key part, molecular sieve, is of critical importance. When molecular sieve is filled inside the adsorption towers,as molecular sieve gravity is downwards, while gas flow is upwards, which makes the gas flow blow molecular sieve from opposite direction, this may make molecular sieve move and resulting in molecular sieve pulverization. This failure is critial, pulversized molecular sieve makes nitrogen purity drop very fast and damage more and more molecular sieve. Finally make the whole plant useless.

To avoid this problem, compression device is installed at the top of tower to compress the molecular sieve, avoiding move and/or pulverization.

Gamma compression method selection

From above comparison, it is clear each type has its advantages and disadvantage. After years comparison, since year 2013, Gamma Gas adapts elastic coco mat compression. With this compression method, together with other technologies such as snowstorm filling, flow speed control and gas distribution system,etc, failure of molecular sieve pulverization never happen on Gamma Gas nitrogen oxygen generators.

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