Nitrogen gas applications in various industries

Metal production and processing: It can protect metals such as steel, copper and aluminum pin annealing, carburizing and sintering process in high temperature furnaces; cooling extruded film; cold shrinkage of metal parts; and purging of stainless steel pipe welding. In addition, it is also used for plasma cutting; gas protection for aluminum products, aluminum profile processing, aluminum thin rolling etc; Gas purity: 99.9995%, gas pressure 0.3 ~ 0. 5MPa.

Nitrogen-free lead-free soldering: for reflow soldering and wave soldering; Gas purity: 99.99%, gas pressure 0. 75MPa.

Electronics: Nitrogen as shielding gas, diluent gas, carrier gas for automation system semiconductors, electronic components production; nitrogen-filled lead-free soldering for semiconductor and printed circuit manufacturing to prevent oxidation. Gas purity: 99.99% to 99.9995%, gas pressure 0.3 to 0. 75MPa.

Cable industry: cross-linked cable production protection gas.

Powder metallurgy: nitrogen protecttion in powder sintering, magnetic material sintering; Gas purity: 99.9 ~ 99.9995%, gas pressure 0. 6MPa.

Food industry: nitrogen can prevent oxidation, mold growth, moisture and pest infestation of packaged foods, thus prolonging the shelf life; quick freezing, and refrigerating perishable foods during transportation; use as beverage packaging process gas for preservation and storage. Gas purity: 99% to 99.9%, gas pressure 0.4 to 0.5MPa.

Warehousing: grain, fruits and vegetables and agricultural and sideline products insecticide, fresh-keeping, storage; Gas purity: 99% ~ 99.5%, gas pressure 0.4 ~ 0.5MPa.

Medical and health: Chinese and Western medicine pharmaceutical raw materials, drug nitrogen storage and packaging, transportation and Chinese herbal medicine anti-mite, anti-corrosion protection, pneumatic transmission of nitrogen-filled medicine, pure nitrogen isolation in biological engineering, etc.; Gas purity: 99% ~ 99.99%, gas pressure is 0.5 to 0.6 MPa.

Research and health services: freezing and preserving blood, physiological tissues, semen and other biological specimens; freezing and destroying diseased tissue in cryosurgery and skin care; and also for pre-cooling or isolating MRI for cost savings. Gas purity: 99.99%, gas pressure 0.5 to 0.6MPa.

Sea and land transportation: anti-corrosion preservation of various chemical products, oil products, liquid natural gas nitrogen transportation and food and vegetable transportation; Gas purity: 99.5%, gas pressure 0.5MPa.

Building: used to suppress the pouring temperature of concrete, preventing cracks and strengthening the foundation. Thermoelectricity:  Boiler, steam turbine, steam-water pipeline and other thermal equipment can be protected by nitrogen filling method, and the cooling medium hydrogen in the generator is also replaced by nitrogen. Gas purity: 99.9%, gas pressure 0.55MPa.

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