Oxygen gas applications in different industries

Applications in ferrous metallurgy

□ Electric furnace steelmaking

Blowing oxygen enriched air can shorten melting time, strengthen reaction of removing impurities, and save energy.

□ Blast furnace Ironmaking

“Oxygen-enriched coal injection” technology reduces coke consumption and production costs and increases blast furnace productivity.

Oxygen-enriched blast furnace can increase the temperature of molten iron and fluidity of molten iron and improve the yield of castings.

□ Oxygen for heating and cutting

For preheating and heating of iron tank, heating before steel entering the rolling mill, steel cutting

■ Non-ferrous metal smelting (copper, lead, zinc, aluminum, etc.)

Non-ferrous furnace oxyfuel combustion

□ Improve productivity, save energy and reduce consumption.

Oxygen-enriched combustion increases the furnace temperature. Furnace capacity is increased by 20 to 40% compared to the use of air, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 50%, and the furnace life is extended.

□ Environmental protection.

In the case of oxyfuel combustion, the combustion process is more effective due to the elimination of most of the nitrogen gas, the amount of flue gas is greatly reduced, and the emission of nitrogen oxides and other harmful substances is greatly reduced.

■ Water treatment processes

□ Oxygen-enriched sludge aerated activation process

With oxygen-enriched aeration, the growth rate of dissolved oxygen is about 8-10 times that of air aeration, which can significantly increase the oxygen transfer rate, increase sludge concentration and improve sludge settlement. The performance is especially suitable for the denitrification upgrade of existing sludge activation treatment plants.

□ Earth surface water oxygen re-enrichment

Low oxygen content water often contains hydrogen sulfide and other odorous substances, which poses a great threat to humans. Microbubble oxygen-enriched aeration can convert sulfide into non-toxic thiosulfate or sulfate. Oxygen can be used for reoxygenation of surface water such as canals, rivers, lakes and artificial reservoirs.

□ Fish farming

When oxygen is applied, the density and type of fish can be increased several times, while the cost of water treatment can be reduced.

□ Industrial oxidation process

Many oxidation processes require oxygen, such as sulfide oxidation in pulp bleaching and hydrogen peroxide production.

□ Wet oxidation Oxidation of organic matter in water; black liquid oxidation in pulp production; destruction of pesticides; sulfur removal from coal.

■ Other applications of oxygen

□ Chemical production

Pulverized coal oxygen enrichment gasify, chemical oxygen-enriched gas production, light industrial fermentation, carbon black production, etc., using oxygen can improve both quality and efficiency.

□ Solid waste incineration

Oxygen supported combustion realizes high combustion temperature, reducing the amount of smoke and harmful substances produced by the waste combustion process. The heat generated by the waste incineration process can be recycled for heating and power generation.

□ Cement production

Oxygen enrichment increases furnace production and extends service life while contributing to environmental protection.

□ Glass manufacturing

When melting furnace is oxygen enriched, it increases production capacity and reduces nitrogen oxides and dust emissions.

□ Medical oxygen

Hospital breathing oxygen, household oxygen, etc.

□ Oxygen source for ozone production, kiln combustion, groundwater maintenance, agricultural waste treatment, etc.

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