PSA nitrogen generator brief introduction

1 Principle

PSA nitrogen generator is a machine producing nitrogen by separating nitrogen from air. It adopts the principle of PSA(pressure swing adsorption).

Pressure swing adsorption processes rely on the fact that under pressure, gases tend to be attracted to solid surfaces, or “adsorbed”. The higher the pressure, the more gas is adsorbed; when the pressure is reduced, the gas is released, or desorbed.

PSA processes can be used to separate gases in a mixture because different gases tend to be attracted to different solid surfaces.

When air is passed under pressure through a vessel containing an adsorbent(carbon molecular sieve) bed that attracts oxygen more strongly than it attracts nitrogen, part or all of the oxygen will stay in the bed, and the gas coming out of the vessel will be enriched in nitrogen. When the bed reaches the end of its capacity to adsorb oxygen, it can be regenerated by reducing the pressure, thereby releasing the adsorbed oxygen. It is then ready for another cycle of producing nitrogen. In this way, high purity nitrogen is produced.

Product main parts and process

One complete nitrogen generator consists of: Air compressor, Air treatment part,Air tank,PSA N2 separator,N2 buffer tank.

Air compressor

Air compressor provides compressed air source for the PSA nitrogen separator, the flow and pressure are to be decided by the desired nitrogen flow rate, purity, outlet pressure. As it is the air source of whole system, the performance of air compressor has remarkable influence to the whole nitrogen generator system.

Air treatment part

Function: get rid of water, oil, impurities in compressed air coming from the air compressor, providing clean, dry, oil-free compressed air for the PSA nitrogen separator. It includes 3 filters, 1 refrigerant dryer and 1 activated carbon oil remover. After treatment, dew point of compressed air can reach -20 degree (normal pressure) , dust content is not larger than 0.01mg/m3, solid particles diameter is not larger than 0.01μ, oil mist content is not more than 0.003mg/m3.

Air tank

It quickly increases the pressure of adsorber;

It also stores gas for air compressor, buffers system pressure;

PSA nitrogen separator

It is the key part of whole system. In this part, the nitrogen is separated from compressed air, sent to buffer tank as produced gas. Oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, etc. are discharge from muffler as exhausted gases. The efficiency of this machine is mainly decided by adsorption tower structure, air distribution structure, molecular sieve performance, process flow, etc.

Nitrogen buffer tank

It balances pressure fluctuation, ensure stable nitrogen supply;

With nitrogen re-blowing system, this N2 buffer tank can also quickly increases the pressure of adsorption towers.

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